NetGuard Pro Cracked APK 2.302 Free Download Unlocked [2022] Latest

NetGuard Pro Cracked APK 2.303 Free Download Unlocked [2023] Latest

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NetGuard Pro Cracked APK 2.303 Free Download Unlocked [2023] Latest

NetGuard Pro Cracked APK is the name of the new and powerful application that prevents and controls access to applications on the Internet. The practice that a firewall runs on different platforms or operating systems is to prevent the user from accessing certain services on the Internet.

NetGuard Pro Cracked APK 2.302 Free Download Unlocked [2022] Latest

In both cases, you can access an application on the Internet. NetGuard Pro Cracked APK was developed for this purpose on Android devices. By preventing unnecessary internet access, you can reduce battery consumption and protect your privacy. One of the key features of this app is that you don’t need a rooted device to use NetGuard Pro.

What NetGuard can do?

NetGuard is a useful application that brings many pros to users. It helps to prevent external addresses from accessing data or Internet connections of users without rooting the device. It also can notify you whenever an application requires the internet access to control external addresses that want to access your network

With the management of NetGuard, you can allow or deny permissions for applications and addresses in addition to accessing your internet connection without using root tools. Moreover, it also works independently. So, as a result, you can be assured of personal data from being illegally exploited.

Blocking access to the internet

It is such a believable application that contains many pros. Firstly, this app can help you to reduce your data usage. You can run or use more apps at the same time without waste an enormous amount of data. So, you don’t need to pay more money to buy a new pack of data. It is a great way to save money.

Secondly, The battery of your device will be significantly saved. Thus, you can work, enjoy and make use of your battery’s device to do more important things. Thirdly, this app also helps you to increase your security and privacy. It means you are always kept in a safety status and all of your information is protected.

Easy use with good features:

It’s right, you may not find any difficulty to set up NetGuard. Because this app contains simple tools and its use of its ability to bring easy-use experience for users. There is not 30 or 50 percent of open source, it’s completely 100%. Moreover, you don’t need to root your device to gain the best experience because this app doesn’t tell you to do that. Plus, NetGuard doesn’t analyze or track your mobile data. The app will update the new automatically as well.

What is NetGuard Pro Apk

One of the cons is that the free version only lets you block ads per app and doesn’t allow you to block ads in system-level apps like Google Chrome. The only workaround is to upgrade to premium which costs $1.49. Other than this, we didn’t notice any bugs or flaws in the NetGuard Pro apk and it works fine.

NetGuard Pro Cracked APK 2.302 Free Download Unlocked [2022] Latest

Features of NetGuard Pro APK

  • Simple to use
  • No root required
  • 100% open source
  • No calling home
  • No tracking or analytics
  • No ads
  • Actively developed and supported
  • Android 5.1 and later supported
  • IPv4/IPv6 TCP/UDP supported
  • Tethering supported
  • Optionally allow when the screen on
  • Optionally block when roaming
  • Optionally block system applications
  • Optionally notify when an application accesses the internet
  • Optionally record network usage per application per address
  • Material design theme with light and dark theme
  • Log all outgoing traffic; search and filter access attempts; export PCAP files to analyze traffic
  • Allow/block individual addresses per application
  • New application notifications; configure NetGuard directly from the notification
  • Display network speed graph in a status bar notification
  • Select from five additional themes in both light and dark version.


* Small fixes


Optimized graphics and cleaned resources for fast load
All ads and services calls from activity removed
Encrypted all resources
Languages: En, Ru

How to Download and Install NetGuard Pro Apk for Android

The NetGuard Pro Apk is a perfect app for those who want to keep their phone safe and secure. The NetGuard Premium apk offers features such as blocking all internet connections, making it impossible for any data to be leaked.

It also has an easy-to-use interface that can be customized to suit your needs. With this app, you will never have to worry again about the possibility of private information being vulnerable or stolen.

Step 1. First of all, you have to Download the NetGuard Pro Apk from the link given at the bottom.

Step 2. You will get a .apk file, to install this apk file you need to enable “Unknown Sources” in your device settings. For that go to Settings->Security and tick the box next to “Unknown Sources.

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